Wheel Loader Attachments
For Construction Machinery Equipment Dealers

We supply construction machinery equipment dealers with high quality machinery and attachments. Our engineers have specifically designed all attachments to work efficiently with the loaders as one complete unit. All attachments are built from scratch. This allows us to easily modify the attachments according to our customers' own requirements.

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Standard Bucket - The Standard Bucket or General Purpose Bucket is built with a reinforced upper lip and a round back using high quality steel which guarantee years and years of hard work. According to our customers' individual requests the standard teeth can be replaced with a reversible bolt-on cutting edge.

4 in 1 front loader    4 in 1 front loader attachments

4 in 1 Bucket - This multi-purpose bucket is commonly used for ripping out bushes, dozing, back dragging, leveling, metering, clam shelling of materials, grabbing and clamping objects like that of timber. Its high power cylinders allows for strong clamping force. Optional configuration includes reversible bolt on cutting edge or teeth on both dozer and clamshell.

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Grading Bucket or Flat Bucket - Used for earth movements, leveling and landscaping, the grading bucket is extremely efficient for the job. Its long flat base allows the driver to see the bucket's front edge, improving visibility and making operations easy and fast.

wheel loader china    snow bucket

Snow Bucket - Used to remove snow and to work with loose material such as grains, woodchips or feed, the Snow Bucket is built to last for years of hard work. The bucket's windows allow the operator see through the bucket while operating the bucket. Optional, bolt-on reversible cutting edge.

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Snow Plow - also referred to as snow blades, its main application is the removal of snow on roads and paved surfaced like sidewalks and driveways. Other applications of this hydraulic snow plow (with skid shoes) include that of landscaping (grading/leveling) and dozing.

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V-Shaped Blade - (V-Plow or V-Snow Blade) is the ideal attachment for removing and cleaning up snow in small roads, sidewalks and driveways. Its adjustable hydraulic blades allow this attachment to push snow on both sides of the road as well as moving it quickly from one place to another.

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Hydraulic Jackhammer - The standard hydraulically powered jackhammer has 260 kg weight, a 68 mm rod diameter and a 400-500 Joules energy impact force. This high power hammer attachment is used to shatter rocks, concrete and pavement and is used for roadwork, groundwork and demolition projects.

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Augers - The standard augers have a 1370 mm (44 ft 11 3/8") digging depths with 200 mm (8"), 250 mm (10") , 300 mm (12") and 400 mm (16") drilling diameters. Please ask us for longer drilling rods and larger diameters. These auger attachments are commonly used for digging post holes, installing fences and signs, and planting.

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Barrel Grappler - also referred to as or drum grapples or bale clamps it is used to handle and transport drums and barrels of all materials (plastic, steal and wood). It is especially used in factories and warehouses which transport their products in round containers.

wheel loader grass cutter    wheel loader brush cutter

Brush Cutter or Grass Cutter - The hydraulically powered rotary cutter allows you to quickly cut shrubs, weed and small trees as well as mow the lawn. The grass cutter has a front chain curtain to retain deflected debris.

wheel loader sweeper    china wheel loader sweeper

Sweeper - The hydraulic bi-directional sweeper allows you to quickly and efficiently clean up all debris from your construction or worksite. Debris is automatically collected in the sweeper's hopper. To empty it all you have to do is tilt the sweeper. As the front broom section automatically swings forward, you can easily dump of the collected debris.

wheel loader snow blower    wheel loader attachment

Snow Blower - The two-stage hydraulic snow blower cleans up accumulated snow by throwing it onto one side or into a truck for it to be dumped elsewhere. The mechanism is composed of a rotating auger that feeds the snow to a impeller which is responsible for boosting the snow away. The electronic rotating chute allows the driver to direct the snow in any direction without leaving his seat.

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Hay Fork - This attachment is essential in any farm and ranch which handles hay, crop stalks and manure. Our engineers have specifically designed this hay fork to be strong, durable and light weight at the same time. Its 2 cylinders guarantee unparallel gripping force. These features allow the user to maximize the carrying load each time and be more efficient in daily operations.

wheel-loaders    loader wheel

Grapple Bucket - Perfect to work with loose and bulky material such as debris, construction rubble, fragmented bales and logs, this with 2 cylinders grapple bucket can also be used as a conventional bucket buy fully opening the top clamp. Its robust design guarantees its long life and efficiency.

bale fork    china compact wheel loader

Bale Spear or Spike - is designed to work with round and large square bales. Its strong structure makes handling heavy compacted bales of over 1 ton an easy task. This attachment is a must in all large farms. If you require any modifications on our standard bale spears, just let us know and we will make these for you in immediately.

wheel loader forklift    wheel loader forklifts

Pallet Fork - The adjustable pallet fork is used in all industries and fields which require the loading, unloading and stacking of material and goods which are typically transported on wooden or fiber pallets. Other materials which typically picked up and placed with this attachment are pipes, tubes and other long objects. We also manufacture Hydraulic Pallet Forks.

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Excavator or Digger - Quickly transform your wheel loader by adding the excavator or digger attachment to your loader. This piece of equipment has an array of uses which include that of dig ditches and trenches, road works, the removal of concrete and small scale construction and demolition projects.

Become one of the top construction machinery equipment dealers in your region thanks to our high quality wheel loaders, attachments, great post-sales service and excellent prices. Feel free to contact us for more information.