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RC50 / ZL50 wheel loader -  Engine    Basic Dimensions
Model* Weichai Duetz WD615
  Length 7929 mm 312"
Power 158 kW (212 hp)   Width 3024 mm 119"
Speed 2200 rpm   Height 3500 mm 138"
Torque 843 Nm   Ground clearance 534 mm 21"
Fuel consumption <210 g kw.h   Discharge height 3400 mm 134"
*Optional: Cat and Cummins engine   Wheel base 2920 mm 115"

  Wheel tread 2250 mm 89"
Working weight 16700 kg 36818 lb    Additional Specifications
Loading weight 5000 kg 11023 lb   Turning radius 6201 mm 244"
Bucket volume (standard) 3 m³   Breakout force 155 kn
Driving speed forward 38 km/h 24 mph   Traction force >150 kn
Driving speed reverse 17 km/h 11 mph   Dischange angle 45°

  Delivery time: 20 - 30 days
FOB Qingdao, CHINA
Minimum Order: 1 unit
  Guarantee: 12 months  

RC50 Wheel Loader with CE - Features & Specifications

The RC50 wheel loader with CE is the largest and most powerful of our loaders. Its unique design based on the ZL50 front end loader and 16700 kg operating weight maximize the vehicle's stability while performing the heaviest of tasks. Its big torque ensures a breakout force of 155 kN and a lifting weight capacity of 5000 kg. This together with its standard bucket of 3 m³ makes the RC50 the ideal machine for performing heavy construction operations, civil works and forestry tasks.

1. Engine - Weichai Deutz WD615 (Cat and Cummins optional)

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Weichai Deutz's powerful engine enables the RC50 to carry out the most difficult tasks. Its 158 kW (2200 r/min) engine, powers the RC50's 5000 kg lifting capacity. The Weichai Deutz WD615 67G 3-36 is a turbocharged, 6 cylinder engine with a maximum torque of 843 Nm at 1450 r/min. Its fuel consumption rate is under 210 g/kW h which makes it both an efficient and low consumption engine. We also build the RC50 with Cummins and CAT engines as requested by our customers.

2. Dimensions & Loader Capacity

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The RC50 wheel loader has a 7929 mm full length, 3024 mm width, 3500 mm height and 2920 mm wheel base. Its robust structure, powerful engine and large standard bucket allow its operator to carry loads of up to 5000 kg (11023 lb) of weight in a completely safe environment.

3. Controls & Drive System

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The RC50 has 2 forward and 1 reverse driving positions with driving speeds of 13.5 km/h, 38 km/h and 17 km/h. Click main 'RC50 Technical Performance Parameters'

4. Photos

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