China Construction Machinery

China Construction Machinery - Below are some common questions we receive from customers. If you have any queries please feel free to contact us.

1. What's the minimum number of units we can order?
1 unit is the minimum number order for all of our wheel loaders and excavators.

2. What's the payment method?

We use both T/T and LC payment methods.

3. What's the delivery time?
Once the contract in confirmed the delivery time is 20-30 days.

4. Where are you located, and which port does the equipment leave from?

We are in the city of Weifang in the province of Shangdong which is to the east of China. Our machines are shipped from Qingdao port, which is Shangdong province's largest port.

5. What guarantee do you offer on your equipment?

All equipments have a one year guarantee period. If any components are damaged we immediately send you the spare parts via express air.

6. What customer service do you have?

If you have any technical problems you can call us or send us an email. We will solve any technical problems you may have within 12 hours.

7. Do you send free spare parts?

Yes, we send you free spare parts for the daily maintenance of the machines. For orders above 10 units we also send free repair spare parts. This means that you can keep a small stock in your warehouse just in case any components malfunction.

8. Can we visit the factory?

Absolutely! We are always looking forward towards new customers and partners visiting our facilities and answering any questions you may have during you visit.

9. How do we get to the factory?

We will pick you up at Beijing airport and then we will fly to Weifang airport. From there we will be picked up and driven to the factory.

10. Do you speak English?

Yes, we have fluent English speakers.