China Heavy Equipment Manufacturer & Exporter

China Heavy Equipment Manufacturer & Exporter
- All steal parts are built in-house. This means that we have total over sight and control over our equipments production and quality.

By manufacturing the entire machines at one location we have been able to make huge savings, allowing us to manufacture high-quality wheel loaders and construction machinery at the lowest rates for our customers. Having total control over our production has also meant that we can make modifications to our equipment as requested by our customers. Please click here if you are interested in our OEM.

1. Steel Cutting & Drilling Workshop

Quality steel plates are sourced and directly purchased in bulk from Chinese steel mills. This allows us to save on costs and maintain a large supply of steel sheets for short notice large orders. Using high technology NC gas cutting equipment, including large cutting beds and cutting torches we fabricate all the steel parts for our heavy construction machinery.

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2. Welding Workshop

The latest lifting, positioning, CNC and MIG welding equipment ensure high precision welding for all our steel parts, large and small. Such flawlessness can only be achieved thanks to our highly experienced certified craftsmen-welders. After all parts are welded they are carefully inspected to guarantee their quality and long life.

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3. Blasting Area

Once all parts are inspected they are prepared for blasting. This process cleans, smoothens and removes any traces of impurities on the parts' surface so that the bottom paint is applied. After blasting, parts are inspected to guarantee a high finish.

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4. Painting Enclosure

Parts are carefully cleaned, dried and smoothened in a controlled environment before they are laid for paining. Once the bottom paint is applied the same process is repeated for the surface coating. The use of high quality painting and solvents allows us to guarantee an excellent finish on all our machines.

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5. Assembling Workshop

All parts including the axles, frames, engine system, torques, hydraulic systems, electronic systems, cabins, etc., are installed here to create the final vehicles. Throughout this process each work station is carefully supervised and monitored by our qualified engineering technicians and by our chief China heavy equipment manufacturer engineer.

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6. Testing

Once the machines have been assembled they gone through rigorous examination and testing. This guarantees each machines' high performance.  

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7. Loading & Delivery

Before their delivery, machines are washed, dried and prepared for them to be professionally loaded. This ensures that our customers always receive their machines in top condition. Once they leave our factory they are transported to Qingdao port where they are transported by sea.

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China Heavy Equipment Manufacturer Factory - if you would like more information on our heavy construction machines or would like to visit us please feel free to contact us.