China Wheel Loader RC-Series
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China wheel loader RC-Series are high efficiency, high productivity, durable machines. What sets us apart from other manufacturers is our high quality and our low prices. We have been able to achieve this by having an excellent R&D team and by building the entire machines from start-to-end.

As one of China's top business to business loader manufacturers, we provide high quality wheel loaders and an excellent post-sales service. We are 100% comitted to our clients and nothing is more important to us than their own success.

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RC908 Mini Loader   RC10 Wheel Loader   RC12 Wheel Loader   
Loading weight: 600 kg 1323 lbs   Loading weight: 1000 kg 2205 lbs   Loading weight: 1200 kg 2646 lbs  
Operating weight: 1470 kg 3241 lbs Operating weight: 3480 kg 7145 lbs Operating weight: 3680 kg 8113 lbs
L*W*H:   3690 x 1050 x 2300 mm L*W*H:   5100 x 1700 x 2530
L*W*H:   5100 x 1700 x 2530
L*W*H:   145" x 41" x 91" L*W*H:   201" x 70" x 100" L*W*H:   201" x 70" x 100"
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RC15 Wheel Loader   RC16 Wheel Loader   RC20 Wheel Loader  
Loading weight: 1500 kg 3307 lbs Loading weight: 1600 kg 3527 lbs Loading weight: 2000 kg 4409 lbs
Operating weight: 3980 kg 8774 lbs Operating weight: 4020 kg 8863 lbs Operating weight: 6170 kg 13603 lbs
L*W*H:   5500 x 1850 x 2580 L*W*H:   5700 x 1850 x 2700 mm
L*W*H:   5900 x 2010 x 2850 mm
L*W*H:   217" x 73" x 102" L*W*H:   224" x 73" x 106" L*W*H:   232" x 79" x 112"
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large wheel loaders zl50 compact wheel loaders
RC30 Wheel Loader   RC50 - zl50 Wheel Loader   Customized Equipment & OEM
Loading weight: 3000 kg 6614 lbs Loading weight: 5000 kg 11023 lbs  
Operating weight: 10800 kg 23810 lbs Operating weight: 16500 kg 36376 lbs Modified China wheel loader models
L*W*H:   7050 x 2430 x 3120 mm L*W*H:   7929 x 3024 x 3500 mm OEM wheel loaders & forestry equipment
L*W*H:   278" x 96" x 123" L*W*H:   312" x 119" x 138" Click here
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RIGHT CHOICE is a leading China wheel loader manufacturer and construction machinery exporter. All our heavy equipment machinery is CE certified and have undergone rigorous testing to ensure top performance. The RC-Series is covered by our One Year Guarantee Program.

You can inquire about any of our construction machinery by using the below inquiry box. All inquiries are replied within minutes. Please make sure you double check your email address so that we can answer your requests.

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