China Wheel Loaders & Construction Machinery
OEM Process

China Wheel Loaders & Construction Machinery OEM - we currently manufacture OEM construction and forestry equipment for 3 large European and US companies. Below are the 4 stages from the moment our customers contact us to the final equipment production.

china wheel loadersCustomer / Partner Requirements

1. Customer contacts us
2. Machinery specifications and potential production volume are sent to us

Stage1- Developing Design & Specifications

1. R&D and Engineering teams hold a meeting to discuss customer's requirements and specifications
2. Meeting is held (usually via Skype) between both companies to clarify any design and specification issues
3. 2D and 3D CAD designs are created by our team (or sent by our customer)
4. 2D/3D CAD are reviewed by our customers and modified until final confirmation from customer's R&D and Engineering teams


Stage 2 - Prototype Fabrication

1. A quotation is give to our customer to build a prototype model
2. Once approved, Ci designs are developed
3. Ci designs are reviewed by our customer and modified accordingly until final confirmation
4. Prototype is built, tested at our factory and sent to our customer. Modifications and improvements are suggested


Stage 3 - Pre-Production phase

1. Customer tests and carefully examines the prototype. Changes and modifications are issued
2. CAD and Ci designs are modified as requested and sent to customer for them to be reviewed and approved
3. Pre-production model is built, tested and reviewed by both companies. Final modifications are carried out if necessary
4. Customer approves the final model and makes the first order of the new machinery equipment


Stage 4: Production

1. Production planning & SOP
2. Customer service and continual improvements

If you would like to know more about our OEM services please feel free to contact us. All emails regarding OEM will be answered by a friendly staff member within 12 hours, 7 days a week.