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Photos RC15 Wheel Loader with CE

Heavy Machinery Manufacturers - At RIGHT CHOICE we have developed one of the most efficient and durable 1.5 ton wheel loaders there are. The RC15 with CE has been developed to match the high quality standards of the European and American markets. For more technical details on the RC15 please click here or here to compare models.

china construction machineryThe RC15 has been developed with our Scandinavian partners to create a wheel loader which over delivers when it comes to performance

heavy equipment manufacturerThe high quality and low price of this 1.5 ton wheel loader has made it an extremely attractive loader in both Europe and South America

wheel loader manufacturerThe RC15 is used in road works, construction sites, farming, forestry works, mining sites and waste disposal operations

china loader manufacturerRC15 compact wheel loader models have a 5500 mm total length, 2580 mm cabin height, 1850 mm width and a 260 mm ground clearance

china heavy equipment manufacturerThis powerful compact wheel loader has a lifting weight capacity of 1500 kg (3307 lb) and a 3980 kg (8774 lb) self weight

china construction machinery manufacturerThe RC15 luxury cabin helps reduce tiredness caused by long working days which helps increase the operator's productivity

china wheel loader manufacturerThanks to its simple and efficient controls this 1.5 ton compact wheel loader is extremely easy to work with

china top loader manufacturerIts step by step manuals and our technical support team will always help you when working with the RC15 wheel loader

wheel loaders manufacturersThe RC15 has been built using state of the art technology in order to accomplish its excellent performance

china wheel loader manufacturerWe manufacture all steel parts for all of our loaders, making us one of the most competitive wheel loader manufacturers in China

right choice wheel loaderAll construction equipment and spare parts are protected by our One Year Guarantee Program

china front end loaderThe standard engine used in the RC15 is a Xinchai 490 (Euro III & EPA) engine and optional engines include Cummins and Perkins engines

wheel loader attachmentWe design and fabricate a number of high quality wheel loader attachments, which go from hydraulic V type snow blades to sweepers

china wheel loaderAs a leading Chinese OEM wheel loader manufacturer we can rapidly modify any of our wheel loaders to meet our customers' demands

china loader manufacturerLike all of our heavy machinery equipment the RC15 wheel loader is CE certified and undergoes stringent testing before delivery

china loaderSpecialized staff members load and anchor the equipment to the containers to protect it from movement during its transportation

As one of the leading Chinese heavy machinery manufacturers, along with the RC15 Wheel Loader we manufacture an array of high quality loaders which go from mini loaders to large wheel loaders.

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