H180 Heracles Mini Wheel Loader

Heracles H180 Mini Wheel Loader | our best-selling compact loader. Its turning radius and compact design will allow you operate in small, confined spaces and its Yanmar engine with 25 hp allows for powerful performance and a lifting capacity of 1000 kg.

With over 40 possible attachments, our H180 compact loader has an extremely wide range of uses. We can also customize any attachments you need us to manufacture for you. Moreover, we have designed a simple change system allowing for attachments be easily and safely linked.


The Yamnar 3TNV88-BWTY engine is a 3-cylinder diesel engine with a 1642 cm³ cubic capacity. This engine has a maximum output of 18.5 kW (24 hp) power at 3000 rpm and a maximum torque of 98.3 Nm. The Yanmar 3TNV88-BWTY has an EU emissions standard level stage 5.

Dimensions & Loader Capacity

A 4300 mm total length (3300 mm without bucket), 1160 mm total width and a rollback angle at maximum lifting height of 51°, the Heracles H180 is ideal to work around small areas.


Tires (optional): 10/75-15.3 (31x15.5-15)

A Total length mm: 4300

B Total length (without bucket) mm: 3300

C Bucket pivotal point (to axle centre) mm: 621

D Wheel base mm: 1530

E Rear overhang mm: 1149

F Height with cabin (31x15.5-15 tire)mm: 2500 (2550)

H Seat height mm: 1231 (1281)

J Total working height mm: 3685 (3735)

K Max. height of bucket pivotal point mm: 2950 (3000)

L Overhead loading height mm: 2615(2670)

M Dumping height mm: 2070(2125)

N Coverage for M mmW: 417(360)

O Digging depth mm: 100(45)

P Total width mm: 1160(1410)

Q Track width mm: 870(1004)

S Ground clearance mm: 225(275)

T Max. radius outside mm: 2790

U Radius on outer edge mm: 2423

V Inner radius mm: 1282

W Articulation angle: 45°

X Rollback angle at max. lifting height: 51°

Y Max. dumping angle: 45°

Z Rollback angle on bottom: 51°


Operating voltage V: 12

Battery Ah: 70

Alternator A: 40 (55)


Operating weight kg: 2000

Tipping load, max. kg: 800

Lifting capacity, max. kg: 1000


Operator's cab: Operator's canopy

Travel speed km/h: 0~12

Fuel tank capacity l: 30

Hydraulic oil tank capacity l: 30


Drive hydraulics – working pressure bar: 215

Work hydraulics – discharge volume l/min: 39.6

Work hydraulics – working pressure bar: 160


Drive type: Hydrostatic



Despite being a low-cost mini-loader, our H180 compact loaders offer operators the ultimate comfort experience.


Given our unique design, operators are offered unparalleled views. The way the seat is positioned allows for great vision with a high degree of stabil-ity given the Heracles H180’s low centre of gravity.


One of our priorities when designing the Heracles H180 was to ensure ease of use for operators. Given that one of the H180 compact loader’s goal is to operate in confined areas, having a user-friendly interface is essential to maneuver the vehicle fully and effortlessly. Thus, we have provided our H180 model with the latest and easiest to use control devices, ensuring that users can focus on the road and their tasks at hand without having to worry about controlling the vehicle.

The H180’s cutting-edge intuitive multifunction joystick ena-bles operators to select forward and reverse directions with ease at two driv-ing speeds. All H180 HERACLES loaders now come with hydrostatic drive, making driving the vehicle extremely straightforward. Linking and unlinking one of the over 40 attachments available (we can also make customised at-tachments for you) is incredibly simple and quick thanks to the H180’s auxil-iary controls.


When designing all of our wheel loaders, one of our goals is to ensure maximum comfort so as to increase productivity. The Heracles H180 seat is fully adjustable, regardless of the user’s height or weight, reducing the feeling of bumps and allowing operators to use the compact loader for long hours.


The LED analogue dashboard is in front of the driver’s position, keeping the operator informed at all times regarding the condition of the H180 and whether any maintenance is required.


Given that we focus on simplicity and comfort, it is no surprise that the Heracles H180 mini loader is easy to drive, even for the most inexperienced operators. The accelerator pedal is on the right and the break on the left. That simple.


Heracles recognises the value of high-performance hydraulic systems required to create market-leading loaders. Because of this, only top-tier man-ufacturers supply the hydraulic components for the H180 min loader.


Drive Hydraulics – working pressure bar: 215

Bucket Breakout force : 20.5 kN

Fast Working Cycles:

- Lift 5 secs

- Down 4 secs

- Dump 2 secs

- Tilt 2.5 sec


Axles of superior quality are essential when it comes to creating a top-notch mini wheel loader. They must transfer the tremendous torque of the hydrostatic power into pushing power in addition to carrying huge loads.

It goes without saying that the H180 mini loader's exceptional pushing power is one of its greatest successes. We manufacture unique Heracles axles in order to accomplish this and have complete control over their quality and design.


The H180’s driving speed is 12 km/h and its sophisticated driving sys-tems allows for this compact loader to be driven on all types of grounds.


When creating the breaking mechanism for the H180 compact loader, at Heracles we have prioritised safety above everything else. Both the front and back axles of the vehicle have hydraulic braking systems that allow users to safely stop the mini wheel loader.


The most cost-effective mini loaders on the market today were created by Heracles' expert team of engineers, who have more than 20 years of expertise in developing construction machines. More power is possible thanks to the mini wheel loader’s sturdy front-end structure and operational weight of 2000 kg (4410 lbs).


When traction is increased, stability is also increases. All four wheels can stay on the ground over difficult terrain thanks to the oscillating articulating joint structure design of our H180 mini wheel loader. Moreover, the number of bumps felt by the operator is drastically reduced.


Having the driving area at the back of the H180 mini wheel loader has a series of advantages. Apart from there being more space available for the op-erator, reversing the compact loader is done with more ease and at greater speed as you do not need to worry about bumping into rear objects.

The driving portion is located at the rear. This has a number of benefits. First, it makes reversing much easier and faster as operators does not have to worry about the rear swinging into objects. In addition, positioning the driv-ing position at the rear also means much more space and comfort for the op-erator.


Several width and tires sizes are available for the Heracles H180 compact loader. Tires can be standard, narrow or wide for example. Whereas narrow wheels are ideal for indoor, enclosed places, standard ones are fantastic for both even and uneven surfaces and wide ones are great for tough terrains.



We have focused all our designs and machinery on one word and one word only; simplicity. Whether it be regarding maintenance, chang-ing spare parts or repairing our wheel loaders, at Heracles we firmly believe that easy use is essential.

Our machines do not have any complex systems. If any issue is to arise it can be quickly identified and fixed bringing downtime to a low.


Examining your mini wheel loader on a daily basis has never been so easy as it is with Heracles’ H180 compact loader. A quick glance at the dashboard will tell you the machine’s status. Checking the mini loader’s pieces is as easy.


The open-up rear hood means you can immediately see and examine the engine and ventilating system.


Being able to tilt the cab allows operators to fully access the H180’s en-gine, valve, pumps, battery and hydraulic system, allowing for any repairs to be carried out easily and quickly.


Rollover Protection Structure

Having ROPS gives users extra protection, helping them avoid accidents where the mini loader rolls over.


The H180 becomes much more stable with its articulated joint structure, meaning that it can be easily operated on rough and uneven ground.


Given that the seat is at the back of the mini loader, users will have less blind spots behind the vehicle, dramatically decreasing the chances of hitting anything when driving backwards.



Our wide range of attachments, plus the fact that we can custom make any accessories, make the H180 mini wheel loader extremely versatile. Whether you would like to work in agriculture, snow ploughing, excavations, etc., our attachments will allow you to do this. Some of our most popular at-tachments include 4-in-1 buckets, pallet forks, augers, brooms, snow buckets, light materials buckets, hydraulic hammers, excavator hoes and bulldozer blades.

We can also customise any attachments you would like to manufacture for you.


Attaching and detaching accessories is extremely simple with Heracles' easy change system. It literally takes a few seconds to link and unlink our attachments.

If you are looking for reliable and cheap loaders please feel free to ask us for a quotation on the RC908 mini loaders.

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