OEM Wheel Loaders,
Forestry Equipment & Construction Machinery

OEM Wheel Loaders & Construction Machinery - RIGHT CHOICE currently manufactures construction and forestry equipment for a number of well-known European and US brands leaders in their market. While our foreign partners provide us with the specifications for their machines we build them following a strict protocol which ensures the machines' high quality, timely deliver and intellectual property rights protection.

oem wheel loaders

OEM wheel loaders, forestry & construction machinery process

In order to deliver quality service and ensure long standing partnerships we have focused our efforts in maximizing teamwork between departments throughout the entire OEM process. These primarily being between the R&D, Engineering, Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Purchasing & Logistic departments of both companies. The production of new machinery goes through 4 stages in which all departments closely work together.

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Stage 1: Developing Design & Specifications
Stage 2: Prototype Fabrication
Stage 3: Pre-production Phase
Stage 4: Full Production

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Why OEM?

Lower Costs - our low production costs means that our partners can lower their own operating costs and see a rapid increase in profits. Lower costs have also allowed our partners gain an important pricing advantage in the marketplace over competitors.

Sales Growth - by focusing 100% of their effort in sales, marketing and product development, our partners have seen impressive growths in sales and in their overall business.

High Quality - our Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) teams ensure the high quality of our products from the pre-production phase. By sourcing and purchasing high quality raw materials, and strictly complying, monitoring and verifying with production specifications and requirements, we manufacture top quality construction and forestry machinery for our partners.

Professional & Efficient service - smooth and timely production of our orders are key to our and our partners' success. Thus daily communication with our partners is a central part of production model. This includes daily/weekly monitoring reports, and skype meetings.