The Heracales H580T telescopic wheel loader was created with the utmost stability and precision. The H580T telescopic wheel loaders can perform a wider range of operations thanks to the longer boom's ability to stack and dump at a height of 6000 mm. The hardest tasks appear simple because to its small size, panoramic views, and updated multi-functional lever. The rapid change mechanism on the H580T enables operators to switch attachments in a matter of seconds from their seat.

The YunNei YN38GBZ Diesel engine on the H580T telescopic wheel loader has 103 HP, which is more than enough power for any user to drive and lift hefty cargoes. Because it requires minimum maintenance, it is the best option for both seasoned and inexperienced users.

Engine: YN38GBZ

Power: 76 kW / 103 hp

Max. Torque: 285N. m

Max Speed: 2400 rpm

ISO 9242: 74 kW / 96 hp

Diameter: 102 mm

Stroke: 115 mm

Displacement: 4.3 L

Telescopic Boom

The H580T telescopic wheel loader is undoubtedly one of the most adaptable loaders on the market thanks to the its telescopic boom and its maximum stacking height of 6 metres.

Its extended reach and small dimensions enable an infinite number of dumping and stacking tasks. The H580T telescopic wheel loader is employed in farm structures as well as inside warehouses and other outdoor constructions.


Heracles cabins are very practical and offer a contemporary decor. The operator may move about freely inside the cab thanks to its large size. The cabin was built with a 360-degree view of its surroundings.


Because the cabin is completely shut off from the outside, the operator may work in a sterile environment. Other aspects are include inside noise isolation, a radio, USB connections, and a low vibration system.


Users can operate every control without having to leave their seat. The most difficult jobs appear simple thanks to the multi-fictional joystick's simplicity and intuitiveness. The operator may perform all actions, such as shifting gears, changing lanes, and engaging attachments, with a single multi-function joystick. Right next to the joystick are the auxiliary hydraulic controls needed to operate some attachments.

Air Temperature

The fully sealed cabin ensures an even temperature, with a warm environment provided by the heating system in winter and a steady, cool temperature available in summer.

Articulated Seat

The H580T telescopic wheel loader’s articulated seat provides an ideal low vibration working environment, perfect for extended workdays. Users may simply alter the one-piece steering wheel and dashboard to best fit their demands from this position, where they also have quick access to all controls and the rear-view camera system.


The operator is kept up to date on the loader's performance and status by dashboard’s LED and analog gauges. Any requirements the loader has will be communicated to the operator by safety warning lights.


In order to lessen strain on the calf muscles, the gas pedal is located on the right and the inch brake pedal is located on the left, something the operator will appreciate after a hard workday.

Axle, drive, brakes, hydraulics

For an amazing performance, the hydraulic system, axles, and transmission system all function flawlessly together.

Hydraulic System

Main valve pressure: 235 bar

Displacement: 62 L/min

Smooth Working Cycles:

- Lift 5 secs

- Down 4 secs

- Dump 2 secs

- Tilt 2.5 sec

Heavy wheel-side deceleration for axles are incredibly trustworthy because they were created expressly to withstand the toughest operating conditions. All our axles are produced in-house using robust parts and supplies.


The H580T telescopic wheel loader has been built to be driven on all types of surfaces, from the smoothest to the roughest. Its driving speed is as follows:

- 1st Gear 5 km/h

- 2nd Gear 11 km/h

- 3rd Gear 15 km/h

- 4th Gear 28 km/h

Stability of the H580T Telescopic Wheel Loader’s Structural Design

With 45° steering angles and an articulated design, the H580T telescopic wheel loader is incredibly simple to use in confined areas. Two lifting cylinders are used to raise and lower its load, distributing the weight equally throughout the loader's frame to increase stability.

Quick Linkage

Heracles Quick Change System makes switching out attachments incredibly quick, simple, and practical as it is all done by simply pressing the hydraulic Quick Change System button.

Simple Maintenance that is Easy

Our team of engineers placed a high priority on creating a new line of small wheel loaders that were straightforward and quick to maintain as well as repair. The result is the new H580T telescopic wheel loader.

Daily Inspections

We built the H580T wheel loader so that users simply need to take a few seconds to check that all components are in mint condition so as to increase the telescopic wheel loaders' life cylce.

Advanced Hood

A cutting-edge rear hood was created as part of the remodeling process. The engine is completely accessible thanks to the innovative Hatchback Rear Hood, which opens in 90 degrees. Additionally, it is intended to enhance engine airflow and give the operator a complete 360-degree view of the workspace.


The cabin construction includes a Rollover Protection Structure (ROPS) and Falling Object Protective Structure (FOPS), providing the operator with a secure work environment.


All four wheels can be in touch with the ground at up to 45° angles with the articulated joint H-Series wheel loaders' articulated oscillating joint system.

Back View

The Hatchback Rear Hood and its big glass structure have maximized rear-view visibility. Users can work in an even safer environment thanks to the all-around reinforced counterweights and the rear-view camera system.

Swaying Cab

You can easily access the hydraulic system and all of its parts thanks to the tilting cabin. As a result, servicing is incredibly simple and quick because every component has been positioned and constructed with this in mind.



The H580T telescopic wheel loader performs numerous jobs in a wide range of industries. This is made possible by Heracles’ small size, great maneuverability, and wide variety of attachments. The H580T is used in forestry, building, farming, mining, clearing snow, and warehousing, etc.

Quick Change

Changing attachments is quick and simple thanks to the Quick Linking System. Simply turning on the Quick Linking System on the versatile joystick accomplishes this.

Easy Connections

Auxiliary hydraulic quick connects of excellent quality and ease of use enable the use of attachments with moving parts, such as excavators, augers, bush cutters, rotary cutters, or 4-in-1 buckets.

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